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Twitter Chats: Rules of Engagement

Twitter chats can be extremely helpful for brands in keeping up-to-date on industry themes and to engage with other influencers on important industry topics. Chats can inspire new content, new social media tactics, new internal processes and expose companies to new concerns or developments that might affect their products or brands.

Before you start your chat, however, it is important to take note of a few do’s and don’ts of Twitter Chat culture. Here are a few short guidelines for participating in chats:


DO choose a Twitter chat that’s relevant to your company or brand.
DO have an established brand voice.
DO incorporate links or visuals to your tweets when appropriate.
DO remember to use the chat hashtag in each tweet.
DO RT or reply to chat participants.
DO check the dates/times (& time zone!) & determine if there is a prepared question list available prior to the chat.
DO thank chat moderators & handles you’ve interacted with once the chat has ended.


DON’T participate in a chat that’s irrelevant to your company or where you don’t have a point of view or expertise to share.
DON’T use this space to tout your company or brand’s own agenda (promotions, press releases, etc.)
DON’T engage in defensive tweeting during a chat.
DON’T post questions that are not specific to the moderator’s topic.
DON’T feel as though you need to answer every question.
DON’T send all of your tweets with a canned, sanitized corporate tone.
DON’T forget to check your DM inbox and Interactions during a chat.

To find a Twitter chat to participate in, I’d suggest doing a simple Google search or typing in relevant hashtags into the TweetChat tool.  I’ve also provided Twitter Chat lists from a few online sources below, but be sure to search out the chat hashtag before joining the discussion to verify the chats are still being held. If you can’t find a chat for your industry, you can always create one and invite partners, influencers and other agencies to join you and spread the word!

Happy Tweeting!

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