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Connect with Customers Through Content [Infographic]

Content Marketing Infographic

When you think of customer communication, what do you think of? TV ads? Press releases? Social media? All of these things can comprise your customer communication plans, but each of these platforms need a specific kind of content. That’s where your content marketing strategy comes in. Content strategy marketing isn’t just blog posts and Facebook status  updates. Content is anything that your brand produces — email messages, videos, photos, social media posts, etc.

A content marketing strategy takes into account all of those assets that you’re producing and determines how to distribute them based on which platform will work best for that type of content. Ultimately, the goal is to distribute your content to your consumer. That content needs to be engaging and helpful in order for it to succeed.

Content marketing is a smarter way to spend. It creates and nurtures meaningful relationships with your consumers, and helps establish your brand’s thought leadership in your industry. 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building a relationship with them.

Marketing has switched from a broadcast mentality into a conversation mentality. Producing content that shows your brand’s personality and ability to connect will only help you create and retain lasting relationships with your fans, advocates and loyal customers. That’s what this infographic is intended to show.

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