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Mobile marketing: Why you need it [Infographic]

Mobile Marketing Infographic

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access the internet. Whether they’re shopping, banking, or just browsing, they’re doing it on their phones and tablets and a rate that has increased exponentially over past years. By 2014, mobile access to the internet is set to surpass access through PCs. For this reason, you need mobile marketing, and this infographic will help make that case.

If you think about it, when you’re looking for something on the go, you’re probably going to search for it on your smartphone or tablet. I don’t typically have my laptop with me when I’m out with my friends or family, and I assume that’s a fairly common thing. Not only are customers more likely to take action in the 24 hours immediately following researching a company on mobile, but they’re able to connect with you immediately by clicking your phone number or email address.

Since our consumers are constantly connected to their phones, I mean 75% of them bring their phones into the bathroom, it only makes sense to try to make our company easily available from the mobile web. Just like with social media, being optimized for mobile allows you to connect with your customers where they already are.

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