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The Importance of a Solid Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Social Media Strategy Infographic

Nobody likes a bad review. When a customer goes online and writes a scathing story about your customer service or your product, it feels very personal. But the beauty of these reviews is that you get a chance to fix it immediately, and also make changes to your product or service to prevent the same issue from happening again. Prior to social media, brands didn’t have any consistent and measurable way to engage in these conversations.

Despite the prevalence of social media, many brands aren’t taking advantage of it in a strategic way. As with any marketing tactic, execution of social media marketing should be strategic and integrated with the rest of your digital strategy.

This kind of marketing can be extremely effective, but many have a hard time measuring social ROI and integration with sales. Incorporating this into your marketing mix can be tough, and can require organizational change and cooperation between departments. But the end result is worth it. You’re able to let your sales force connect with your customers, using the content that you’ve created, to manage your brand’s reputation, sentiment, and customer trust.

A social media strategy is vital in a world where consumers are now continuously connected to their personal and business networks. This infographic is intended to lay that information out in a clear and digestible way.

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