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3 Simple Steps to SEO Success [Infographic]

3 simple steps to seo success


After seeing the results of multiple Digital Snapshots, Jody put together three simple steps to help your brand improve it’s SEO strategy:

1. Have a registered XML sitemap – Your site may have a sitemap, but does it have a registered XML sitemap? “Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.” Follow the simple steps and cross this one off the list!

2. Optimize your meta data – SEO looks at not only what a user sees in terms of content on your site, but also pays close attention to the back end data that only techy geeks that read in code look at and create. Meta keywords and Meta descriptions are an important part of your SEO strategy. You need to identify those industry and brand specific keywords that your consumers would actually use to describe your company and then work those words into the meta data. Many times these spaces are either left blank or are filled with generic keywords that will not enhance your organic search rankings or results.

3. Use keyword rich URLs – If your brand sells ice cream and you want to rank well for ‘chocolate ice cream’ the URL for the related page has a better chance of ranking if the URL extension is flavors/chocolate-ice-cream versus /flavors/chocolate.  This is just one more place your brand can gain a slight advantage on those highly competitive industry keywords for natural search.

Read more from Jody Biagini‘s post here!

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