Do CEOs Use Social Media? [Infographic]

Do CEOs use social media

Recent studies indicate that a majority of Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t using social media. This is a sharp contrast to the rest of the American population, and may be a mistake.

CEOs are busy people. That’s the reason that executive summaries exist, they need the important information and they need it fast. But what happens when that information is about customer opinions of their company, or any other related social buzz? A CEO is the face of the company they run, so it seems only logical that they have some kind of public profile where they can be accessed by their customers.

That being said, there is the possibility that CEOs could over do it on social media and end up spread too thin. After looking at the research from and Nielsen, we were able to determine that having CEOs on social media, with one or two profiles, seems to be  the best option. That way they can be better connected with their customers while preserving their time and energy for the other important things.

The fact that CEOs social presence is growing on Twitter and LinkedIn is a good reflection of their wants and needs from social media. They want quick, brief updates and information that is relevant to their business and their interests.

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