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Who is King of the Social Media Kingdom? [Infographic]

Who is king of the social media kingdom


With the different types of social media that are emerging, and the multiple social networking sites, it’s hard to tell which network you should be on. In the last decade we’ve seen the emergence and the rise in popularity of some of our biggest marketing tools. But ten years ago, many people still didn’t think that social media was going to be a factor in our every day lives, much less our marketing strategy.

But how can we possibly know which networks we need to be on to reach our customers, and what emerging platforms are worth putting some work into? Aside from digging into who your audience is, and using data to determine which networks should be your primary focus, there are a multitude of reference articles out there to help guide your decision making. The three articles that this infographic are based on, by Social Media Examiner, Comscore, and Nielsen illustrate the state of the social media industry, including the dominant and upcoming players.

This infographic should give some insight into which networks are best, and for what type of business.

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