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Trust Us, We’re Professionals [Infographic]

Trust us, we're professionals (1)

The best marketing campaign in the world is useless unless your customers trust your brand and its message. In a 2013 study, Nielsen looked into consumer trust in advertising and came up with some interesting results. This infographic lays out that information and is intended to show you just how important content and brand advocates are in the process of building consumer trust.

At Ciceron, we preach brand advocacy, and for this reason in particular. Not only do consumers trust people like themselves much more than they trust brand messages, but think about the reach you will have once you’ve got a following of advocates that are sharing your content and reviewing your products and services online. With each advocate comes their individual networks, which creates a spiderweb like effect as each advocate reviews their networks to you.

Of course, you can’t just hope that brand advocacy will happen. You need a strategy for it, but that’s the easy part. The hard part is giving up control of some of your brand so that others can freely discuss it, review it, share it and make it their own. But once you can do that, you’ll be surprised by how many interesting insights you get from real conversations, and how much your business will benefit.

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