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5 Benefits of Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Awesome

Let’s do a little experiment. Visit and enter the phrase “email is dead.” You will be faced with a list of 158,000 search results on this topic. In fact, the earliest reference I could find proclaiming that email had gone ‘the way of the carrier pigeon’ was back in 2001– the year I started my career in email marketing and only 6 years after the dawn of the web. And yet, here I am practicing email strategy and automation at work every day. Alarm bells make for great, attention-grabbing headlines, but dig into the facts and you will find that email is alive and thriving. Here are five benefits of email marketing:

Email continues to be the leading digital channel in terms of ROI.

According to Econsultancy, almost three-quarters (73%) of companies rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ when it comes to ROI. This is up from 66% in 2015. Plus, on average, organizations in 2016 are spending 15% of their total marketing budgets on email, accounting for 23% of total sales. That’s huge!

Using data you know about your subscribers, email campaigns can be automated resulting in even higher ROI than one-size-fits-all email campaigns.

According to the same article, relevance is clearly a target for marketers this year, with 34% focusing on ‘automated campaigns’, 24% on ‘segmentation’ and 22% on ‘personalization’. These tactics allow marketers to reach consumers at key moments in the customer journey. With a deep understanding of what a consumer may need at any given touchpoint, brands can provide extremely relevant information, persuading individuals to convert.

Email marketing is a permission-based channel.

“Permission-based” means that your subscribers have asked to hear from you. If you treat them right, your email subscribers can become your best customers. After all, a customer who asks to hear from you is clearly interested in what you have to offer. Take advantage of individuals who show buying intent by providing them with the information or incentives they deserve.

Emails are taking the place of paper.

Order confirmations, shopping receipts, tickets to events, etc. are now digital. Think of the convenience this brings to the customer experience. There’s the ability to track orders online, no need to carry around paper receipts, and it’s no longer necessary to print out tickets to get admission to events. Simply pull up your email and there’s everything a customer could possibly need.

When you create an account on social messaging platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, you’ll need an email address to complete the process.

Meaning that masterminds behind social channels assume that everyone has an email address and that this is the best way to contact individuals with important information like forgotten passwords, urgent updates, etc. So, how will those social channels replace email (as some claim they will) if you need an email address to use them?

As you can see, email is one of the most effective marketing channels in today’s digital landscape–but only if done correctly. Email is not easy.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post, in which I’ll discuss email’s pain points and what you can do to alleviate them.

Have an email problem that is driving you batty? Chances are you’re not the only one. Send me your story of email woe and I will offer suggestions on how to help! Send me a note at

In the meantime, here are 70 email marketing stats that every marketer should know. Until next time!

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