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Ciceron Brings Power of IBM Watson to Marketing Leaders in Partnership with Equals 3


Artificial intelligence platform “Lucy” increases marketing efficiency

Ciceron has partnered with Equals 3 to bring marketing artificial intelligence to its clients.

“Lucy” is a cloud-based digital intelligent agent developed by Equals 3 that leverages IBM’s Watson technology and applies it to marketing. Lucy centralizes massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from across the organization, giving marketers a much more efficient and accurate means to make important business decisions. With Ciceron as a consulting and creative partner, marketers can use both first and third party data for improved customer journey mapping, media mix modeling and channel planning.

Ciceron Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Eklund stated, “We’ve long awaited a solution like Lucy to come into market. The data glut in marketing is almost unbearable without a powerful intelligence partner.  You can’t make data-enriched decisions based on data you can’t find or can’t correlate, and Lucy provides us with the horsepower we need to access the right data to inform the right decisions for our clients.”

Equals 3 was recently named IBM Worldwide Watson Innovative ISV Business Partner of the Year. Eklund and Equals 3 founders Scott Litman and Dan Mallin have a long history in the digital marketplace, and this combination of talent between Ciceron and Equals 3 brings an unparalleled breadth of leadership and experience to the C-Suite.

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