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Why I Consolidated All Digital Media… And You Should Too



During 2016, I consolidated all paid media channels into the Ciceron Digital Media Group. These channels include social advertising, paid search marketing, and “programmatic,” which includes display, rich media, audio, and video (I put programmatic in quotes because, really, let’s face it, all media is now machine-assisted).

I made this move for a very important reason: These media all play off one another in real-time and create data that must be used across the entire customer journey. How does it work? When my search staff sees a trend emerging in consumer performance, they can alert those working in programmatic to target and increase spend in those same customer segments. Same goes for social-to-programmatic. Because social channels are often walled gardens, those teams can alert the programmatic traders to retarget resources into higher performing channels. At Ciceron, these folks do this by simply turning around their desk chairs and informing their peers about what they’re seeing.  Screw dashboards. Talk to each other. Just go.

So far, so good.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone can manage paid digital media with people either sitting apart from each other or, worse, across multiple agencies. In these cases, there’s no way to manage budgets and performance fast enough, and, without speed, brands will miss daily opportunities to reorganize resources and, as a result, will certainly overspend in some media over others. Most importantly, these channels create a treasure trove of first-party data that you get to use. It’s yours. Not your agencies’. Not your tech partners’. Not Facebook’s. It’s data about your customers that tells you all about them and how they interact with the world around them. Without these data, you are entirely beholden to others to get it, and that’s expensive and not terribly actionable. Sad!

If you’re considering this approach, let me tell you that I would never go back. This approach is producing its intended results, not only from customer conversion but having all the data in one place is magical.

Special kudos to Amber Verhulst who directs all paid search, Phil Davis who directs all social advertising, Ashley Evenson who oversees ad tech and programmatic campaigns, and Kristen Findley, our Senior Insights Strategist who overlords over the data like a boss.


If you want to see how this type of integration works in the wild, visit the work we’re currently doing for Warner Bros. Records and the launch of Prince’s catalog on major streaming services. 

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