The moment people started sharing their real-world experiences with the click of a button, traditional top-down brand marketing began to die. Now, nearly 20 years later, the power of half the people on Earth connected to each other has created unprecedented opportunities out of real relationships with real people, not target audiences, while reinventing how products are created and uncovering the value of immediate service, fundamentally rocking the marketplace, not to mention the world.

Experiences. Not Messaging.

At Ciceron, we help clients transition their brand marketing from life-support to this new world of Brand Advocacy, where today’s brands are built by experiences, not messages, and anyone with a smart phone, tablet, or computer has the potential to be your partner or competitor.

The New Hyper-Connected World of Marketing

Brand advocacy and the Digital Marketing ecosystem

Brand Advocacy, It’s What We Do

Brand Advocacy, which is what we call our primary practice, is a recombination of brand strategy, experience design, operational design, and social marketing that taps the collective power of connected people. It delivers two primary benefits: measurable results and, more importantly, the Holy Grail of Marketing: people who happily tell their friends how much they love your brand.

How We Do It

Your Brand’s advocates are just waiting to be activated.  Whether those fans are current customers, your employees or prospects, Ciceron will connect you with your brand advocates, create programs and experiences to energize those advocates and convert advocate actions into insights, understanding, and most importantly, business results.

Demystifying Social Media ROI

Yes, it’s true.  You CAN measure the business value of social media! We’ll work with you to define your business objectives and develop a program to help you achieve your business goals.  We understand how the consumer makes decisions in today’s interconnected, yet fragmented world, and we’ll use that knowledge to create a Brand Advocacy platform that delivers on those business results.

If you’d like to discuss how best to grow your brand in this new, connected world, or if you have more questions about Ciceron’s Brand Advocacy practice, we’d love to talk. Please contact us at 612-204-1919 or