We’ve assembled some of the best and the brightest people from across the digital spectrum. From pros who have successfully navigated Fortune 100 brands from the inside to digital agency veterans who embrace transparency and nimbleness, meet the smart and experienced leadership team at Ciceron.

Founding Partners

Andrew Eklund
Founder & CEO
Kraig Larson
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Strategy & Leadership Team

Julie Verhulst
Senior Strategist
Kristen Findley
Senior Strategist/Director of Digital Projects
Amy Pressnall
VP, Brand Experience
Ashley Evenson
Director, Ciceron Digital Media Group
Michelle Miles
Marketing & Automation Strategist
Jody Biagini
Senior Project Manager
Amber Verhulst
Digital Media Group, Paid Media Strategist
Phil Davis
Digital Media Group, Social Marketing & Advertising Strategist