For 20 years, we’ve been saying that the future of marketing isn’t in advertising, it’s in community. Meet the smart and visionary team at Ciceron.

Founding Partners

Andrew Eklund
Founder & CEO
Kraig Larson
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Strategy Team

Julie Verhulst
Senior Strategist
Kristen Findley
Senior Strategist/Director of Digital Projects
Suzy Feine
Senior Strategist

Marketing & Experiences Team

Jody Biagini
Project Manager
Natalie Hjelmstrom
Senior Developer
Ian Toyozumi
Art Director
Amber Verhulst
Paid Media Strategist
Ashley Evenson
Digital Media Strategist
Phil Davis
Social Marketing Strategist
Ryan Link
SEO Specialist
Kristina Epping
Marketing Specialist
Chloe Wasserburger
Marketing Specialist
Lizzy Henry
Project Coordinator
Shannel Martinez
Marketing and Communications Administrator


Sherry Karpe
Accounting Manager