Kraig Larson

Kraig Larson

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Kraig is one of those rare and special creative types who understands the industry and the technology that makes it work, both equally well. He’s also the resident help-me-I-broke-the-internet guy, for which we are all thankful.

As the CCO, he’s responsible for overseeing all of the creative output from Ciceron. His design philosophy is very much based on real world facts and information, relying on audience research and solid information architecture to guide him in his process.

Prior to his work at Ciceron, he founded Indisonic with Andrew and served as its Creative Director. In the early ’90s, Kraig founded White Dog Internet Design, one of the Twin Cities first pure digital design firms. When he’s not building websites or designing a new app, Kraig keeps busy filling his role as Commodore (or head pirate, as he says) of the Twin Cities Sailing Club. He can also make a mean breakfast spread.

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