Brand advocacy is more than just a strategy — it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of your business. People who love your brand will introduce you to new customers, efficiently driving new revenue, business intelligence and scale in ways that advertising and traditional marketing simply cannot. The key is identifying your true advocates and then building programs to nurture and capture brand advocacy as it happens.

I’ve hired Ciceron many times over the years, and they have always started with a head-scratcher of a question. Cue Ciceron’s talented strategists, analysts and crazy-fun/creative types. Each time I’ve engaged them, they’ve been true partners in forging a path ahead – through data, customer insights and ambitious and ambiguous visions for redefining strategies to drive loyalty, advocacy and engagement.

Jen Swanson
Director of Digital Marketing, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota

Ciceron Brand Advocacy Services

We strive to create brands that people love, trust and advocate for. We’re dedicated to advocacy, and true advocacy can only be built through a solid digital strategy.

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The FanatiCon panel, with representatives from Airstream, Post-it Brand, The Minnesota Wild, and Game Informer, takes the stage to talk brand advocacy!

Building brand advocacy that scales.
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