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Ciceron is Expanding: Welcome Michael Dillon!

Please welcome Michael Dillon to the Ciceron team! Michael is our business development expert. In this role, he is responsible for uncovering new business opportunities and digging into our existing client base to reveal how we can further help our clients achieve their business goals.

Michael’s professional experience makes him a perfect fit for this position. His background is predominantly in crafting sales and partnership strategies to build or expand revenue streams. He’s also very tech-focused, and loves engaging with and vetting the newest technologies before anyone else. Ciceron is Michael’s second technology and advertising gig, and he is thrilled to work side-by-side with some of the industry’s brightest and most innovative marketers.

Outside of the workplace, Michael is an avid biker (at least when there’s no snow). You can find him and his beloved pup, Lucy, exploring the trails of Lake Calhoun on most summer evenings. He’s also a big believer in facing his fears—he participated in a cage dive with a great white shark in South Africa and even went skydiving last fall.

If you see a guy who looks like Mark Zuckerberg the next time you stop by our office, don’t fangirl, that’s just Michael! Drop him a line at to talk business growth opportunities.

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