5 Important Facts About Your Customers’ Journey [Infographic]

April 27, 2015

Creating the best possible experience for your customers across all touchpoints ensures satisfaction, and increases the likelihood they’ll return to do business with your company again. Since the idea of ‘customer journey’ has just recently become an important initiative, I wanted to pull together some useful information from like-minded executives about just how crucial understanding their customers’ journey is to their 2015 plans and beyond.

Overwhelmingly, business leaders are in favor of improving their customer’s experience. It’s a highly important concept. But for how critical these leaders are saying the customer journey is, few are considering it while making important business decisions, and only 24% are making it a top priority for 2015.

This disconnect reflects something we see all too often in the business world. The head is doing one thing while the body is doing something completely different. To make a difference in your organization and in the experience of your customers, it’s time to stop thinking about mapping your customer journey, and start getting to work. As always, we’re here to help!