Happy 50th to Ciceron founder Andrew Eklund

August 21, 2018

From all of us at Ciceron, thanks for being awesome, giving us all rad paychecks and continuing to inspire us, while also embarrassing us in the following ways:

  1. Paying no attention to his calendar, causing the cancellation of his own birthday party.
  2. Hacking his own company’s website to include more Phish references.
  3. Skipping his own “mandatory” staff meetings because of “reasons.”
  4. Adding bad puns to every PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Wearing tie-dye at home, work and anywhere else.
  6. Forgetting to feed his dog, Shiloh. For three days.
  7. Giving any show starring Tim Allen “at least one viewing.”
  8. Leaving a Phish concert 5 minutes before it actually ended.
  9. Flagrantly dressing up like an Emerald Ash Borer on Arbor Day.
  10. Misspelling his own name on a pitch to the client.
  11. Keying co-founder Kraig Larson’s Tesla out of jealousy.
  12. Unplugging co-founder Kraig Larson’s Tesla out of jealousy.
  13. Thoroughly enjoying “Avatar” and eagerly awaiting upcoming sequels.
  14. Eating yogurt that had obviously expired two weeks before.
  15. Telling potential clients that he and Cardi B “have a thing.”
  16. Grabbing the controls of any boat in order to sail into international waters.
  17. Hanging toilet paper using the blatantly incorrect “under orientation.”
  18. Tearing the tag off a mattress before he’d even bought it.
  19. Claiming to have written the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini.”
  20. Paying no heed to the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
  21. Fashioning makeshift swimwear out of water wings and pool noodles.
  22. Screaming “Go-Bots rule and Transformers drool” at total strangers.
  23. Wearing black socks with Crocs.
  24. Wearing Crocs.
  25. Discovering Carrot Top and being proud of “putting that kid on the comedy map.”
  26. Buying caviar by the pound just so he could spread it on Bundt cake.
  27. Singing a Phish song during karaoke that lasted until last call.
  28. Cheating at tennis by using the “Oh, God, what’s that over there” tactic.
  29. Flushing the company toilet over and over in hopes of disproving the Coriolis Effect.
  30. Trying to pay for his morning coffee with Star Trek: The Next Generation pogs.
  31. Confusing his Power 50 medal for a really big piece of chocolate.
  32. Refusing to play World of Warcraft because “it’s too close to my real life.”
  33. Fighting in the war room.
  34. Sticking his hand into a beehive just so he could say he touched the Queen.
  35. Convincing tourists they should visit St. Paul because it’s a “party town after 5 pm.”
  36. Slathering himself in tiramisu as a mating ritual.
  37. Bragging that he’s related to Fredrik Eklund from Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing.”
  38. Dancing like nobody’s watching.
  39. Dancing while people are watching.
  40. Performing a one-person show based on the collected works of Art Garfunkel.
  41. Wearing the same, handmade Wampa costume every May the Fourth.
  42. Making out with the Mary Tyler Moore statue.
  43. Owning every Smash Mouth album ever released in every format.
  44. Suing the Fruit by the Foot company after eating one that was only 11 inches.
  45. Tossing non-compostables into compost bins.
  46. Spending six months abroad by camping out in the Spoonbridge and Cherry.
  47. Making extra money by making appearances as the Pink Power Ranger.
  48. Shelving “The Fountainhead” under “politics.”
  49. Confusing Packers fans with, “if they’re meat packers, why are you Cheeseheads?”
  50. Bungee-jumping during the Basilica Block Party. Nude.

Kraig Larson

Founder & Chief Creative Officer