Manager, Digital Analytics – Minneapolis/Saint Paul

Hello from Ciceron. Nice to meet you. Just a little bit about ourselves:

As one of the very first pure digital agencies in the US, Ciceron continues to thrive by fusing our work directly to the needs and desires of our clients’ customers. We recognize that everyday people, not only marketers, are fully involved in co-creating powerful brand experiences through their connections and content. These myriad touchpoints create powerful sources of data that inform our work, fuel client growth, and allow us to be more honest, nimble, and smarter at each and every step.

For the past 25 years, Ciceron has been dedicated to being advocates for our clients by serving as their “Cicerones” in digital marketing. Cicerones are, by definition, “trusted and masterful guides who navigate complex journeys, ensuring a safe arrival at a destination for their clients.” Unlike many traditional agencies who take their clients on often magical journeys and unfortunately end up in a destination far from where they need to be, Ciceron is keenly focused on leading its clients to where their customers need them to be. Digital is a customer-driven environment, and our work must serve their interests.

Oh, and we win awards. And our clients actually say they love us.

Now, on to you. This is who we are looking for:

The Role: The Manager, Digital Analytics plays a critical role within the organization as they are the reporting and insights owners of all media and marketing initiatives for their assigned client roster. The minimum expectation from someone in this role is that they will work with other analysts to plan tracking and monitor results for campaign performance. These results will be reported on in the format and on a timeline established for the project. The true challenge in this role is to provide proactive contributions by identifying optimization and testing opportunities across multiple media channels. The Manager, Digital Analytics should understand the nature of an integrated marketing campaign and should feel comfortable moving across various platforms to find the necessary data points. They should then be able to work with this data to not only explain performance, but also provide the “why.” Finally, they will be an active member of the client team providing suggestions and opportunities for driving business goals.

The Responsibilities: As the Manager, Digital Analytics, your responsibilities could include, but (of course) are not limited to supporting your Ciceron teams and clients in these key areas:

  • Own all aspects of the analytics aspect for assigned clients.
  • Work with channel strategists to plan tracking and reporting needs as well as optimization possibilities throughout the life of the campaign. 
  • Work with analysts to consolidate data and metrics.
  • Monitor KPIs across channels for client media campaigns and web performance.
  • Organize, maintain and enhance existing reporting and create new reports as needed.
  • Communicate insights and present actionable recommendations to internal stakeholders and client teams.
  • Provide monthly digital insights for key clients; transforming data into actionable business intelligence.
  • Assess client’s web analytics tagging and data quality; provide recommendations for web analytics enhancements.
  • Advise on strategy, including targeting and budget allocations for media campaigns.
  • Assist in developing testing initiatives.
  • Manage vendor partners.

The Key Skills & Qualifications: These are the qualities and strengths we expect for the Manager, Digital Analytics role to support your assigned accounts, teams, and clients:

  • Fundamental understanding of media channels and how they work together to achieve campaign and business goals.
  • Experience with various media and analytics platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, The Trade Desk, Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst).
  • Experience with BI tools and data visualization tools a plus (Klipfolio, Tableau, Power BI, Domo).
  • Ability to translate data into insight and communicate effectively in order to inform and influence Senior Level decision-makers.
  • Comfortable working independently and able to pay attention to details.
  • Strong strategic thinking skills, including the capability to assess current situations, draw conclusions and envision future business opportunities.
  • Ability to achieve desired outcomes on time and within budget through the application of project management principles and techniques.
  • Outstanding communications skills; confident presenter; excellent writer; balanced, creative and critical thinker.
  • Proven ability to work across multiple brands, clients or industries simultaneously.
  • Proven self-starter, yet also possesses the ability to work well in a collaborative environment.
  • Strong Excel skills.
  • You understand the value of Data + Media + Creative working together for highest energy outcomes for your clients.
  • You have the ability to adapt as needed and to organize your workload and day-to-day priorities for yourself.
  • You are accountable and fully own your responsibilities and deliverables.
  • You enjoy learning.
  • You lead by example.
  • You regularly communicate with your teams and management.
  • You partner closely with internal teams (strategy, creative, media, data, technology, project management) to provide perspective and recommendations to clients.
  • You know how to listen. And you are able to use this talent to effectively translate unique insights and perspectives into inspiring ideas, frameworks and solutions.
  • You understand that success is the result of teamwork. You utilize sound judgement and know what the right thing to do is and you do it, no matter how hard that may be. And on those rare days when you’re not sure—you ask.
  • Your energy and talent makes everyone around you better.
  • Five (5) years of analytics experience; digital-specific preferred, but not required.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply below:

Please submit your resume and a cover letter including what excites you most about this role and why you want to work at Ciceron at


The Ciceron Values:

We live by these Ciceron values, and work to integrate them into ongoing interactions with clients and each other every day. It’s a guide to living, working and existing in the same space. And these aren’t hard and fast rules. They’re simply shared values within the walls of Ciceron, and hopefully beyond them. We like to think of the following as guideposts to make sure we never stop learning from others, listening to every perspective, and loving what we do. As the Account Manager, your performance and contributions to your teams and the organization will be measured by these:

Have Empathy

There’s a heart beating behind that data analyst, That project manager has feelings, too. And that client you deal with every day? They’ve got blood running through their veins just like you. We’re humans first and coworkers second. Empathy and respect should be behind everything we do. Because we’re more than our work.

Bring Your Best Self

Staying within the now can be tricky. After all, we’ve got a lot of other stuff going on outside of work. But, we want people who can be present, positive, and progressive in their thinking. That means bringing all your strengths, showing an active role in the company, being self-aware and always growing as a human being.

Be Curious

One of the greatest things about being human is the “why”, hidden just inside of the endless cosmos of the “unknowing.” Hidden within our everyday work are opportunities to learn something new. It’s simply a matter of seeing it. Never be complacent in your knowledge. Never be satisfied with the status quo. Never be left wanting a life of surprises.

Own Your Expertise

Ciceron was built on the concept of being trusted guides. That’s who we hire. That being said, we ask each person to embrace what they bring to the table and to be passionate about it. To be less cavalier and more comfortable in our skin. Less cocky and more confident in our individual skills.

Team First

Whether it’s players on a field or coworkers in an office, we’re one team dedicated to a win that we can all take credit for. Heck, even if you’re not into sports, it’s pretty easy to see the parallels. This is about celebrating victories as a whole, treating everyone with the utmost respect, clear lines of communication, inherent trust and setting others up for success.

Deliver Excellence

Okay, so obviously nobody’s perfect. But, this isn’t really about that anyway. We should always provide coworkers and clients with the best possible “us” that we can. That means high energy output in order to get the same back. When you’re accountable and reliable, you’re the most valuable.


We are our clients’ cicerones—trusted and masterful guides who navigate complex journeys. We understand the world in which brands compete, and we have the experience bringing together data + media + creative to lead the way. Ciceron is a privately held agency celebrating 25 years of guiding clients to success, multiple “best places to work” awards, and a wall of industry-coveted accolades.