Data & Insights

It’s not a lack of data, but a lack of insights that drives marketers crazy.

Today, your customers are accessing more sources than ever before to make a purchase decision. All of these sources — from advertising to web sites to each other — create a mosaic of data touchpoints that, when put together, can tell an amazingly articulate and defining story of their lives.

Ciceron brings not only clarity to your customers’ increasingly complex decision-making processes but insights that drive decisions. Web analytics, CRM, ad platforms, social media monitoring, search activity and online surveys all provide valuable data where real decisions can be made. From this data we create insights that accelerate product development, cut time to market, help your business keep its competitive edge and uncover real opportunities.

Our Services

Collecting the information is just one step in the consumer insights process. That information needs to be analyzed in order to truly understand what your consumer is actually doing — and more importantly, what they want.

  • Marketing AI and Consumer Insights
  • Measurement, Analysis & Optimization
  • Channel Performance Audits
  • Competitive & Industry Positioning
  • Marketing & Consumer Needs
  • Persona Development & Segmentation
  • ROI Modeling
  • Product Development & Innovation
  • New Business Intelligence & Guidance
  • Social Conversation & Sentiment Analysis
  • Reputation Management

Data is nothing without insights. Technology is absolutely necessary when it comes to understanding your consumer, but you won’t get anywhere without the human element. That’s where you get your insights that inform excellent marketing decisions.