Digital Is Becoming A Permanent Shift For Brands

August 21, 2020

Since unleashing these COVID-related briefings in March, I’ve witnessed the dramatic transformation of brands to digital-first strategies. It has been miraculous in many regards, from brands making bold moves into and shouldering-up their ecommerce infrastructure to major reallocations of media and marketing budgets towards digital channels.

Perhaps no one said it better this week than SAP CMO Alicia Tillman: “This period proves we can lead with digital. It’s almost like we are reverse ordering. This is what marketers have been calling for: wanting to be more digitally savvy and sophisticated and not as dependent on traditional tactics. It is easy to go back to the way things were, especially if we are exhausted by so many of the current factors. Provided we can stay motivated and we can stay the course and are seeing the benefits of this change, I think this can really be a defining moment…” (Full Q&A here.)

The role we’ve been trying to play at Ciceron is one of near and dear to our brand position as cicerones: to be trusted and masterful guides. For these pages, that has meant providing marketing leaders with access to trusted research and insights to envision new plans. And then, of course, we execute on those plans to drive new revenues.

So look no further. This week’s briefing continues that trend.

Business Insider Intelligence Report on the Ad-Supported Video On Demand Ecosystem 

This is a beefy report that outlines the massive shift in consumer behavior towards digital video during the crisis. I believe we’re getting near the point where we simply need to call all of this “TV” so as to not further confuse the market. 

Brightcove Q2/2020 Global Video Index (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Similarly, streaming video tech firm Brightcove has issued its report on the growth of streaming video during COVID. 


Ciceron Expertise Shared

Ciceron’s Director of Emerging Media & Ad Solutions Ashley Evenson will be co-hosting next week’s MediaPost Data & Programmatic Summit. Usually held in Tahoe, this must-see annual confab goes virtual. 

VP of Media Optimization & Performance Kristen Findley shared her expertise in data-driven campaign planning and audience research with Resonate in this great recent webcast.

I recently joined the “In The Key Of D(igital)” podcast where I shared how these massive changes are, in some ways, just repeats of earlier transformative times. This is a perfect lawn-mowing length podcast for this weekend.

FINALLY, and you may have seen this yesterday, but we were honored to be included on the Inc. 5000 Fast Growing Companies as well as Twin Cities Business’s list of Best In Business. We were a finalist along with our friends at Fast Horse and shared the podium with winner (and Friend of Ciceron, Schermer). We are thrilled and humbled to be recognized!