The Ciceron Digital Media Group is comprised of some of the industry’s most seasoned and experienced digital media, programmatic advertising, search marketing, and social advertising professionals. These cicerones are advocates for our clients’ brands and budgets who strive to bring unparalleled levels of performance, honesty, and transparency to their work.

By testing and onboarding only the very best ad tech partners, we are trusted leaders who take a 360-degree approach to your digital media investments. Unlike most agencies, we do all of our own trading and optimization, never simply outsourcing your budgets to third-party vendors. We get to know your audiences better than anyone. We know what needs to be delivered. We push tech to its limits to make it perform. Most important, we continuously analyze and integrate campaign data, optimize for conversion performance and share important business insights as we see them. In a truly unique fashion, we offer these services for both advertisers and publishers:

Digital Media Services for Advertisers:

Programmatic Ad Buying: Using an array of ad technologies with our most trusted partners, we’ll purchase display, audio, video, native, rich media, connected TV and mobile inventory at scale while targeting audiences.

Paid SearchWe have been leaders in paid search advertising for twenty years, since before Google AdWords! (Yes, it’s true. Remember, Overture and GoTo? We do.)

Social Media AdvertisingOver the past several years, the game in social has changed to become more pay-to-play. The good news is that these paid media channels deliver. We integrate data from all other paid media sources to make social advertising more relevant, targeted, and performance-based.

Direct Ad Buying: Through our strong publisher relationships, we negotiate direct ad buys on your behalf for display, video, audio, native, rich media and mobile that fit your budget and advertising goals.

Campaign Optimization: To best deliver on the campaign’s parameters and your intended ROI, we’ll optimize during the campaign flight according to your goals and target audience.

Data Storytelling: We never just “supply” a report. Our data analysts take an investigative approach to understanding the story behind the metrics and painting a meaningful campaign story, from data to performance impact.


Programmatic sales are expected to rise from $15 billion in 2015 to


by the end of 2017

Digital Media Services for Publishers:

Ciceron’s Publisher Solutions offers specialty services to assist publishers, e-commerce businesses and digital media companies in maximizing revenue opportunities and providing ad operations efficiencies.

Programmatic and Monetization

Consulting Services

  • Develop strategies for leveraging ad exchanges, DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) and RTB (Real-Time Bidding)
  • Develop strategies to manage inventory and optimize yield
  • Develop strategies to monetize non-standard ad unit inventory, including native and out-of-page ad units

Managed Service

  • Managing waterfall and header tags with ad exchanges, DSPs, SSPs and RTB to drive the highest optimized yield
  • Managing optimized yield with non-standard ad unit inventory providers

Ad Operations

Consulting Services

  • Ad tag architecture
  • Ad tag implementation with development
  • Platform integrations
  • Ad unit layout and design
  • DFP and ADTECH training and support

Managed Service

  • Ad trafficking
  • Campaign management
  • Inventory, forecasting and campaign reporting
  • Workflow management

Audience Extension

Audience Extension is the practice of selling advertising campaigns that extend beyond the publisher’s owned and operated inventory.

Managed Service

  • Campaign management
    • Buying audience pools on a multi-DSP approach
    • Buying sites or category of sites through the PMP (Private Marketplace Platform)
    • Look-a-like modeling
    • Retargeting
  • Reporting
    • 24/7 dashboard access
    • Full analytics supplied by account manager


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