Embrace Anarchy, Find Zen

August 22, 2018

Creation is chaotic. I’m not just talking about having a front row seat to the interstellar Big Bang called the Internet for the past 25 years. Or that I’ve run a digital agency for 23 of those.

This is bigger than me, Ciceron or even you and your company. It’s about our industry bending spacetime in order to shrink the distance between Creatives and Media within the same tumultuous universe.

For the longest time, IT groups wanted nothing to do with marketing and vice versa. Those stars have thankfully exploded into a beautiful nebula. The moons and stars of that new solar system are data points that rotate around another illuminating star called the Customer. And while IT and marketing still struggle to communicate in a common language, they’re beginning to understand that they’re equal parts of the same galaxy.

But a new collision in the universe has been occurring among media types over the years. Once IT and marketing found themselves within the same orbit, tethered by data, they began to realize how uncontrolled and absurd it was to have media channels distributed all over the place, both internally and among several agencies.

Chaos still held sway, but this state of disorder brought with it a few valuable questions:

  • How can a brand stay atop an always moving customer if budgets and KPIs are hardwired to individual departments or (even worse) a scattering of specialized agencies?
  • Who’s in charge of moving the frenzied swirl of money, creative and attribution around?
  • Are ad agencies wiring money over to search or social agencies? And if so, how would they go about such an anarchic process?
  • Which brings me to right now. Amidst this perplexing galaxy we all inhabit, Ciceron is finally breaking down that final frontier and bringing a monstrous amount of Zen to the intersection between Creatives and Media.

As you might expect, these two lobes have always been in a constant tête-à-tête, depending on the cosmic equilibrium.

Whenever Creatives were 100% in charge, they tended to miss the specific nuances and strengths of a particular media channel, especially in digital: agency creates TV spot, digital marketers shove that spot onto YouTube, then pre-roll, websites, mobile units, anywhere said TV will go, primarily to justify shooting more TV spots. End result: user and media channel be damned.

But Digital Media people are just as guilty. They (rightfully) geek out on segmentation and data. Which is wonderful. But they rarely consider how creative executions should play in any channel. Or they just accept what the ad tech partners say is possible.

Well, we’re calling bullshit on that, TBH. It’s time to bring much-needed serenity to this gratuitous maelstrom.

We envision a cooperative cosmos, where Creatives and Media people sit side-by-side, working together to create compelling experiences. And in doing so, we forecast infinite sweet spots, where we construct a strong brand narrative across the entire spectrum of a customer’s journey.

Rather than simply adding noise and bedlam to our interconnected universe, this new constellation of agencies and brands unify around that powerful intersection of Creative and Media in order to properly compel and serve people. Equal parts media adroitness and creative prowess, tailoring intriguing brand messages to specific channels (TV, programmatic, video, etc.), quickly followed by experiences that truly inform people, ending in a purchase or other financially viable activity.

At Ciceron, we refer to this state as Zen Anarchy. You will be hearing much more from us on this in the coming months as we roll out new technology partners, best practices, and creative options.

Change is constant and creates ripples of energy that can either prostrate us or move us to action. When we contain and use that energy for great brand experiences, there’s a feeling of purpose and tranquility because we’ve freed ourselves from the constraints of the past with an eye keenly towards continuously making ourselves better.

We strive to bring you Zen Anarchy: finding calm and comfort in constant and continuous change.