Hack is Stranger Than Fiction

August 30, 2019

What It Means When You “Allow” Cookies

Have you watched “The Great Hack” on Netflix yet? If not, get on that. It’ll make you think twice before clicking on just about anything online. If you have seen it, well, you know where this is going.

So, let’s talk data privacy policies. You’ve obviously noticed all the “opt-in” pop-ups on websites lately. All those cookies, all those vague notices. But what do they all mean?

Short answer: this is an opportunity to give you control over who has access to your personal data.

Slightly longer answer: all this rigmarole comes down to data regulations with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).*

At Ciceron, our clients and consumers are top-of-mind when we create our data strategies. Therefore, we only work with reputable data companies for first-party data matching and any purchasing of third-party data.

But here’s the thing. Every major social channel has made considerable changes to their advertising policies. For example, Facebook eliminated any numerical estimation in regard to personal user information. They also removed integrated third-party data providers, which forces advertisers to initiate their own relationships with vendors. Whether it’s social or political issues, FB requires users to go through two-factor authentication, which includes providing them with a government issued ID and a mailed verification code. Then and only then can an advertiser link their ads and deliver them.

Other social channels (like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest) have made changes to their data collection, sharing and usage terms, too. But they still rely on the advertiser to ensure all laws and regulations are being followed appropriately.

Our data partners encrypt or remove identifiable information from data sets, making their opt-in regulations completely anonymous. That means peace of mind for you and a clear conscience for us.

Here’s your chance to take a long, hard look into our top data providers’ privacy policies (you know, if that’s your thing):

Factual (location data)

Liveramp (First Party Identity Link)






* Want some late-night reading about CCPA and GDPR? Here you go:

Phil Davis

Director of Social Marketing

Ashley Evenson

Director, Emerging Media & Ad Solutions