How about that Super Bowl, huh?

February 8, 2019

Don’t get us wrong. We love clever TV spots as much as anybody. But 21% of pigskin fans said they planned on watching part of the grudge-match via streaming video.1 So, we opted for a different route.

Thanks to innovations in digital media (especially programmatic), we bought Super Bowl streaming ad inventory on the Yahoo Sports app at a fraction of the cost of your average TV ad. That meant in-app results in REAL TIME for pennies on the dollar.

We presented this unique opportunity to Be The Match, who’s always looking for innovative ways to reach potential blood stem cell donors. Needless to say, they were stoked.

Within a matter of hours, our Creative Team pulled together existing footage of a donor story involving former NFL wide receiver Brandyn Harvey and crafted a touching 30-second spot, juxtaposing his tough guy persona with his selfless nature.

Once it debuted on the Yahoo Sports app during the Super Bowl, we gained real-time insights on its performance. And now that all the confetti’s been swept away, we’ll be looking into the numbers, as well as preparing to dominate Super Bowl LIV without ever touching a remote.

Can you believe that brands dump millions of bucks into Super Bowl commercials that just get flushed right down an old-fashioned broadcast pipeline?