Marketing Data Engineer -

Marketing Data Engineer

Hello from Ciceron. Nice to meet you. Just a little bit about ourselves:
As one of the very first pure digital agencies in the US, Ciceron has been innovating, leading and helping brands find success in the wild world of digital for over 27 years. We work with brands who have something good to offer the world—bringing purpose to every digital moment.

Our team of strategy, digital media and analytics experts work closely together to ensure everything we do is grounded in strategy and drives meaningful results that everyone can be proud of. We work without ego, stay constantly curious and strive to be the very best partners for our clients and each other. And while we don’t like to focus on awards, we are a 5-time honoree on the 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Now, on to you. This is who we are looking for:

Role: The Marketing Data Engineer plays a critical role within the organization as they own the management of all data within the agency. The minimum expectation from someone in this role is that they will manage various data sources and integrations to ensure that accurate data is available for analysis. This data will need to be validated and maintained on a regular basis. The true challenge in this role is to own the management of many data sources and be able to continuously improve this process. They should understand the importance of data accuracy and should feel comfortable manipulating and cleansing new and existing data sources. The Marketing Data Engineer will be a key member of the analytics team with opportunities for continued growth and development. 

Responsibilities: As the Marketing Data Engineer, your responsibilities could include, but (of course) are not limited to supporting your Ciceron teams and clients in these key areas: 

  • Integrate and manage data from different marketing and business systems through Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools.
  • Ensure data quality and accuracy throughout the automation process, including data cleaning, transformation, and validation.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve data engineering and automation issues in a timely manner.
  • Support internal teams and clients with the creation, manipulation and cleansing of new and existing data sources and visualizations.
  • Organize, maintain and enhance existing reporting and create new reports as needed.

Key Skills & Qualifications: These are the qualities and strengths we expect for the Marketing Data Engineer role to support your assigned accounts, teams, and clients:


  • 3+ years of advanced analytics experience and 5+ years relevant data-related experience in advertising, marketing, or other data driven environments.
  • You are accountable and fully own your responsibilities and deliverables.
  • You enjoy learning and demonstrate a passion for data and analytics.

*This role is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Our new office is located at: 2412 Valentine Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108. Ciceron’s hybrid policy requires two-days-a-week in-office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Many employees continue to work remotely for part of the week with the option to come in-person at any time. 

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Please submit your resume and a cover letter including what excites you most about this role and why you want to work at Ciceron to:

The ciceron values

We live by these Ciceron values, and work to integrate them into ongoing interactions with clients and each other every day. It’s a guide to living, working and existing in the same space. And these aren’t hard and fast rules. They’re simply shared values within the walls of Ciceron, and hopefully beyond them. We like to think of the following as guideposts to make sure we never stop learning from others, listening to every perspective, and loving what we do. As a cicerone, your performance and contributions to your teams and the organization as a whole will be measured by these:


We aren’t just workers. We’re humans, with human hopes, dreams and reactions. We actively listen. We hold each other accountable. We share even hard messages with honesty and kindness. Above all, we honor others’ skills, challenges and differences.

Bring your true self

Of course we always want to be present, positive and progressive in our thinking. But let’s be real: finding the courage to show up authentically can sometimes be tricky. All we ask is that you show up honestly, while striving to do your best. Lean into your strengths and look to the team to support you where you need it.

be curious

One of the most provocative questions we can ask: why? Hidden within our everyday work is a chance to learn something new. It’s simply a matter of getting proactive and seeking it out. Getting curious about today’s experiences and challenges. It’s about solving problems, pushing through “no” and unveiling tomorrow’s opportunities.

own your expertise

You’re an expert. That’s why you’re here. We trust you understand where you excel and where to let others shine. To use your voice to challenge the status quo. To use your authority to make decisions that move the business forward. We rely on you to embrace your skills and bring your confidence to the table.

team first

From team to client, when we bring our skills together, our superpowers are amplified. We’re far more than that sum of our parts and our wins are something we can all take credit for. This is a team that sets one another up for success. We have inherent trust, clear lines of communication and respect always.

deliver excellence

At Ciceron, we bring more than innovative, high-quality work that meets the needs of today’s marketing economy. We bring a product that delights us to create and brings joy (and results) to our customers. It’s about delivering energetic solutions that channel the heart and mind of the agency.