Media Activation Supervisor -

Media Activation Supervisor

Hello from Ciceron. Nice to meet you. Just a little bit about ourselves:
As one of the very first pure digital agencies in the US, Ciceron has been innovating, leading and helping brands find success in the wild world of digital for over 27 years. We work with brands who have something good to offer the world—bringing purpose to every digital moment.

Our team of data, media and creative experts work closely together to ensure everything we do is grounded in strategy and drives meaningful results that everyone can be proud of. We work without ego, stay constantly curious and strive to be the very best partners for our clients and each other. And while we don’t like to focus on awards, we are a 5-time honoree on the 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Now, on to you. This is who we are looking for:

Media Activation Supervisor

The Role: The Media Activation Supervisor will help develop strategic and integrated media plans and deliver the plans to clients. This position will translate communication strategy into action, answering the brief, through budget management, execution, and reporting. You will be the media point person for your brands, working across Execution, Account, PM and Creative teams to bring your plan to life. You will have exposure to all aspects of the industry, company and the services we provide our clients. And as a true Cicerone, you will bring your expertise to bear, serving as a trusted guide for our clients, and ourselves, as we navigate an increasingly complex media landscape.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Assist the media planning process, through collaboration with account management, strategy, creative and channel leads, building plans that effectively and efficiently answer client business needs.
  • In partnership with channel strategists, consistently evaluate and implement new approaches to targeting and segmentation. Serve as a media department point of contact with clients and external partners.
  • Assist in negotiation and evaluation of vendor partners as plan needs dictate.
  • Once media plans are approved, smoothly hand off plans to the execution team to ensure all are informed of campaign goals, channels utilized, testing plans / what the client wants to learn, timeline, etc. 
  • Oversee active campaign budgets, working with channel teams for recommendations on optimization and reallocation as plans evolve while in-market.
  • Engage with media, data and analytics to provide insights and optimization. recommendations throughout a campaign and at the completion of the campaign to demonstrate the effectiveness of our planning.
  • Utilize past campaign results to inform future campaign plans. 
  • Multi-task across multiple accounts, projects, departments and timelines.
  • Bring thought leadership, a POV and your best ideas to the team.

Key Skills:

  • Strong digital media experience required, with a base understanding of how traditional and digital channels complement and support one another.
  • Attention to detail: able to manage, track, and provide information around many different aspects of a project.
  • Organization: Proven record of managing multiple projects simultaneously, on schedule and within budget. Ability to work both collaboratively as well as independently. 
  • Communication: Outstanding communication skills towards both clients, vendors and internal team members; confident presenter; excellent writer; balanced, creative and critical thinker.
  • Growth: Supports account team and  leadership in finding incremental revenue opportunities.


  • 5 years of relevant media planning/buying experience within an agency or in-house client/vendor media team.
  • Familiarity with various digital media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Paid Search, CTV, PreRoll, DOOH and other programmatic media channels.
  • Proven ability to work across multiple brands, clients or industries simultaneously.
  • Proven self-starter, yet also possesses the ability to work well in a collaborative environment.
  • Ability to manage and build relationships with vendors/partners.
  • Live our Ciceron values – Have Empathy, Be Curious, Bring Your True Self, Team First, Own Your Expertise, and Deliver Excellence.

Qualities & Strengths: 

  • You’re passionate about “getting it done” and enjoy the accomplishment of working on a volume of many moving pieces. 
  • You know how to and understand the importance of establishing trust.
  • You have the ability to adapt as needed.
  • You demonstrate an ability to organize workload and workflow.
  • You fully own your responsibilities and deliverables.
  • You help gather information, clear obstacles, and troubleshoot in order to deliver great work.
  • You enjoy learning.
  • You establish clear objectives and day-to-day priorities for yourself.
  • You regularly communicate with your teams and management.
  • You know how to listen. And you are able to use this talent to effectively translate into ideas and solutions.
  • You understand that success is the result of teamwork. 
  • You utilize sound judgment. You know what the right thing to do is and you do it, no matter how hard that may be. And on those rare days when you’re not sure—you ask.
  • Your energy and talent makes everyone around you better.


*This role is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Our new office is located at: 2412 Valentine Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108. Ciceron’s hybrid policy requires two-days-a-week in-office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Many employees continue to work remotely for part of the week with the option to come in-person at any time. 

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Please submit your resume and a cover letter including what excites you most about this role and why you want to work at Ciceron to:

The ciceron values

We live by these Ciceron values, and work to integrate them into ongoing interactions with clients and each other every day. It’s a guide to living, working and existing in the same space. And these aren’t hard and fast rules. They’re simply shared values within the walls of Ciceron, and hopefully beyond them. We like to think of the following as guideposts to make sure we never stop learning from others, listening to every perspective, and loving what we do. As a cicerone, your performance and contributions to your teams and the organization as a whole will be measured by these:


We aren’t just workers. We’re humans, with human hopes, dreams and reactions. We actively listen. We hold each other accountable. We share even hard messages with honesty and kindness. Above all, we honor others’ skills, challenges and differences.

Bring your true self

Of course we always want to be present, positive and progressive in our thinking. But let’s be real: finding the courage to show up authentically can sometimes be tricky. All we ask is that you show up honestly, while striving to do your best. Lean into your strengths and look to the team to support you where you need it.

be curious

One of the most provocative questions we can ask: why? Hidden within our everyday work is a chance to learn something new. It’s simply a matter of getting proactive and seeking it out. Getting curious about today’s experiences and challenges. It’s about solving problems, pushing through “no” and unveiling tomorrow’s opportunities.

own your expertise

You’re an expert. That’s why you’re here. We trust you understand where you excel and where to let others shine. To use your voice to challenge the status quo. To use your authority to make decisions that move the business forward. We rely on you to embrace your skills and bring your confidence to the table.

team first

From team to client, when we bring our skills together, our superpowers are amplified. We’re far more than that sum of our parts and our wins are something we can all take credit for. This is a team that sets one another up for success. We have inherent trust, clear lines of communication and respect always.

deliver excellence

At Ciceron, we bring more than innovative, high-quality work that meets the needs of today’s marketing economy. We bring a product that delights us to create and brings joy (and results) to our customers. It’s about delivering energetic solutions that channel the heart and mind of the agency.