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Why Q1 Is Your Biggest Missed Opportunity.


There’s a common tendency among clients to pause or drastically slow down marketing spending in Q1. It happens for many reasons: planning is underway, budgets are being finalized, teams need to regroup after the end-of-year sprint, and there’s an assumption that consumers have post-holiday fatigue.

The thing is, Q1 is an important part of your year that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are some things to consider as you roll into next year.

There are people looking for your products or services

Even if you’re not running any awareness ads, there are still people who are ready to take action. Don’t ignore these valuable consumers. Make sure you are still funding conversion tactics like search, Google discovery ads and lower funnel social activations. By turning conversion-focused media off entirely, you risk missing out on your easiest sales opportunities.

Q1 is a great time to test and learn

It’s hard to commit to testing during your busiest time of year. If Q1 tends to be a slower season for your organization, it’s a great time to do some testing. Gain early learnings while you’re still aligning on budgets and take these insights into the rest of 2023.

Competition and costs are low

There’s a good chance your competitors are also quiet during January and February. Which means it’s a great time to break through. (Remember, people are still online during these months!) Take advantage of lower CPMs and CPCs to get some early wins for the year.

Get your digital house in order

Use this time to focus on things like SEO, setting up GA4 and content planning. If you do the work now to improve your website experience, first-party data collection and Google rankings, you’ll be in an even better position once your paid efforts kick in.

Whatever you do, don’t concede Q1

People are in the market and opportunity is out there. Use these first few months wisely and you’ll have positive momentum for the rest of 2023. Want to chat about some quick wins? Contact us and let’s make a plan.