Jody Biagini

Senior Director, Media Strategy

Digital media is an exceedingly complex journey that requires a steady hand on the wheel. Ciceron clients are therefore fortunate to find Jody Biagini in the driver’s seat.

Jody is a fearless leader in digital media strategy, ensuring that all of our clients’ hard-earned dollars are working hard at each and every step of their customers’ journeys. Jody possesses a rare set of skills that’s honed from years in being in the trenches herself, from managing complex creative campaigns to digging into the data to discover the rare gems of insights. A digital native, Jody understands how digital media must be unified across all touchpoints that drive towards conversion, not just create awareness or impression fills.

Jody has been a cicerone for nearly ten years and has supported clients from Delta Airlines to Be The Match. She is also the mother of three energetic and adorable girls. When not managing media, Jody embraces her youthful charm by dancing to late 90s boy bands.