Julie Verhulst

VP of Strategy

Julie Verhulst is the longest serving Ciceron team member, clocking in at a lucky 13 years. She has seen her clients move from the early years of paid search, SEO, and the public release of Facebook to today, where she oversees enormously complex digital enterprises, campaigns, and digital challenges.

As VP of Strategy, Julie is responsible for creating outcomes for our clients that align with their overall business goals. She has a keen understanding of how the complexities of modern marketing, from unified digital media strategies to advanced audience segmentation to highly automated marketing programs, make lives simpler for the people who need to interact with our clients’ brands. She brings a real sense of purpose, honesty and credibility to her work.

Julie oversees all digital strategy work for clients ranging from Be The Match and Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota to Vonage and Georgia Pacific. But all said, her love for digital marketing is only second to her love for Justin Timberlake.