Michelle Miles

Email and Marketing Automation Strategist

We have a boomeranger!

Like several Cicerones, Michelle began her professional career at Ciceron and is back for round two! During her first run with the agency, which started in 1999, she launched our email marketing and automation department and helped ExactTarget get off the ground when it was just a small startup subletting out of our offices. She then decided it was time to try going client side, and, boy, did she. For ten years, Michelle led Room & Board’s marketing automation and email efforts, which, if you’ve ever been to Salesforce’s Dreamforce, you’ve most likely seen her work showcased from the stage as absolute Best In Class.

Michelle returned to Ciceron in 2016 to now take her gained magic from the world of consumer ecommerce to all of our clients.

On top of being an email whiz, Michelle has a degree in fine art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has a painting studio in the Northrup King building, so you’ll likely find her there on the weekends. In addition, Michelle and her husband cook a lot of Indian food; their go-to book is 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer. Plus, she spins her own yarn, knits socks and sweaters, crochets, embroiders, and sews.