The Age of Dynamic Creative is Finally Here

July 31, 2020

The amount of heavy-lifting expected from digital media is at an all time high. Brands are under tremendous pressure to perform with less budget. As such, brands and agencies alike are pushing ad tech to the edge of its limits.

Of course, we dig all that. Pushing ad tech is our favorite hobby. But there’s a problem with this approach: media — of any type — is truly only as good as the creative it presents to the consumer. We can use data to slice and dice audiences, know consumer intent, work magic to blend these data across platforms, but if we’re delivering creative assets that aren’t attuned to those consumer needs, then it’s just a bunch of hard work with little return.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) has been around for some time, but it hasn’t really caught up to the nuances of its brethren in media. DCO, essentially, is the ability to generate and deliver creative assets based upon consumer intent and behaviors, in real-time. You’ve all experienced DCO. You go onto your favorite ecommerce website, view a product, then get delivered an ad for that product elsewhere in your browsing experience.

The creative experience for DCO ads have been fairly rudimentary and templated to date. Strike that. They’ve been really boring. Until now! We have partnered with a platform called Flashtalking that provides us with a robust toolset to create much more engaging advertising experiences using DCO. Flashtalking fills a giant need on the creative side of the experience spectrum, allowing us to fully use the media targeting ad tech and translate that intelligence into creative assets that are much more engaging and attractive.

Finally, in typical Ciceron fashion, we are pushing the boundaries by integrating Flashtalking ad units with the media dynamism of platforms like The Trade Desk. Within The Trade Desk we are able to target audiences across myriad media environments, from connected TV to TikTok, then deliver highly relevant and dynamic advertising via Flashtalking. It’s spellbinding to see in action.

Flashtalking is a fantastic platform. We are thankful it exists. And most importantly, it works.