The Importance of Trust in Business [Infographic]

February 11, 2016

Does the word “trust” come to mind when you think about your marketing strategy? My guess is that more palpable words like “ROI” or “conversions,” or maybe specific tactics like “email” or “search” beat “trust” to the punch. Each year, Edelman publishes the Edelman Trust Barometer, which represents the global state of trust among consumers and various sectors. With every new study, it becomes more apparent that in order for businesses to thrive, they need to build an ecosystem of trust. Although trust may not appear at the top of your list of marketing priorities, it’s time to start thinking about it. How can a brand develop a culture of trust, you might ask? I have a few ideas for you!

Harness the Power of Brand Advocacy

According to Edelman’s study, two of the top three most-used sources of news and information are peer-influenced media. This includes search, television and social. Imagine what a splash your brand could make if you implemented a brand advocacy program to allow your most passionate consumers to share their stories.

Employee Advocacy is Crucial

Did you know that employees are one of the most trusted sources of information about a brand? When your employees are passionate about your brand and its mission, they have the power and reach to build incredibly valuable connections to the marketplace. All you have to do is enable them.

Transparency is Key

When it come’s to your organization’s mission, you should be loud and proud about your positive social impact. 45% of consumers say their trust in a brand has increased because it contributes to the greater good.

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