The New Kids on the Block

June 11, 2018

With new notables added to their growing agency, Ciceron has the right stuff

If you’ve heard the recent rumor that local digital agency Ciceron has been busting at the seams lately with new staff- you can pay your informant because that happens to be totally true!

Building on our already existing stellar team, since the New Year Ciceron has added 3…no, 5?…we’ve added MANY people. Quite frankly, we’re getting into the double digits now and have lost count. But trust us, it’s a lot. We’re going to need a bigger garage for band rehearsal at this point.

So what’s our secret? Is it fertilizer? Craft beer? Invasion of the pod people? Nothing so extravagant. Just your good ole fashioned supply and demand. With new and exciting work flooding our gates, it seemed the right time to expand and start this next chapter at Ciceron. We’ve got new copywriters, and project managers, and account people, OH MY! Not to mention an exceptional creative department being built from the ground up (more on that later…)

Ciceron has always been on the cutting edge of the industry. That’s what we do, and we do it well. Bigger and even better, we’re pushing the envelope and thrilled to see what happens next. Stay tuned for the live, uncut jam sessions.  Now where’s that ukulele…

Without further ado, the new members of the band!

  • Jack Buchner – Paid Social Media Manager on bass
  • Nichole Carey – Copywriter on vocals
  • Sherry Dopp – Administrative Assistant on drums
  • Kari Helling – Director of Agency Experience on marimba
  • Randall Herrera – Creative Director on keytar
  • Sam Landman – Senior Copywriter on alto sax
  • Coley Lind – Digital Designer on triangle
  • Anita Mazurek – Project Manager on cowbell

With more to come…