Welcome to Atlas

February 22, 2021

Every so often, a moment in time arises that perfectly aligns with Ciceron’s mission to be a trusted guide (or a cicerone) for our clients and the marketplace at large. This is one of those times. Over the next 18 months, changes in consumer privacy laws and modifications by big tech companies are forcing the marketing and advertising industry to fundamentally change how we do business.

These are moments Ciceron was built to navigate.

Welcome to Atlas, a platform for thought leadership, content, and action plans that will uncover these changes and dive head-first into how they impact our work and what is needed to thrive under these new rules.

Recently I recorded a short series of videos that introduce Atlas and explain what you can expect. Please take a few minutes to watch them, and then most important, put Atlas on your list of must-reads. Opt-in to receive regular emails when content, announcements and new events are available.  

The hard truth is that no one will be spared from the monumental changes happening this year and next. Every brand, every marketer, and every leader will be required to make significant shifts in how they work and lead teams. As your trusted guide, we can honestly say that these changes are long overdue—especially when it comes to customer intimacy and journeysand will result in all of us being better, more effective and efficient marketers.

So join us. And of course, reach out. We have a series of specific consulting services to support you through the entire journey, or as needed. The sooner you get started, the less daunting the challenges will be.