The web has become a space where experts on any subject can share their opinions and advice with friends, followers, subscribers, etc. More and more frequently, these individuals are the sources consumers turn to for information because they are perceived as much less biased than your brand. Our influencer marketing programs help you identify, communicate and create lasting relationships with experts in your industry to enhance engagement between your brand and your target market.

Blogs tie with Facebook as the


resource most likely to influence a purchase.

Source Credit: Influence Marketing Book

What Can Influencers Do For You?

  • Identify and introduce new customers
  • Share brand content
  • Scale brand campaigns and promotions
  • Create original content (videos, photos, etc.)
  • Interact/respond to prospective customer questions
  • Share their experiences through stories
  • Make referrals and recommendations
  • Share ratings and reviews
  • Create testimonials
  • Assist in product development

Ciceron Influencer Services

  • Influencer Engagement
  • Influencer Relationship Management
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Referral Programs
  • Staff Training, Policies & Corporate Integration
  • Day-to-Day Management, Execution, Measurement, Insights & Program Optimization
  • Brand Advocacy

What really made [the Together We Can] campaign successful was Ciceron’s ability to find and activate our influencers and supporters across the web, and give them the opportunity to share Feeding America’s mission with their friends and family.

Aimee Lorenz
Digital Engagement Manager, Feeding America

Building brand advocacy that scales.
Strategy Experiences Marketing

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