When Actions Speak Louder

June 12, 2018

Ciceron joins Be The Match to present on life-saving campaigns

Sharing the incredible work we get to deliver at Ciceron for our clients is one of our favorite things to do. When the results of those campaigns are actually saving lives, that passion goes to a whole different level. That’s why we were thrilled to be invited by MediaPost to present at their recent TV & Video Insider Summit in Pinehurst, North Carolina. But this particular session had a very special purpose. Andrew Eklund, Ciceron’s Founder and CEO, spoke side by side with Amy Alegi, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Be The Match. Together, they elaborated on how we’ve been able to combine amazing and sometimes heart-wrenching video stories to reach often hard-to-reach audiences and driving up the numbers for the bone-marrow donor registry.

To recruit life-saving blood stem cell donors, Be The Match needed tight targeting and relevance through authentic creative that motivated young, diverse viewers through platforms with which they were engaging. Amy and Andrew spoke to how a variety of campaigns tested both iPhone-recorded stories and those with higher production values to find the right messaging, the right platforms, and the right creative. Equally as important was optimizing channels and targeting across programmatic, emerging media platforms, and our plans to move towards connected TV and other emerging digital channels. Together, we learned how Be The Match could find the most effective blend of creative, segmentation and channels.