When Data-Driven Awareness Turns into Sales

It’s no surprise that 2020 was a tough and unconventional year for businesses. Similar to a lot of retailers, our premium lifestyle client had abruptly shifted to a full-digital approach after unexpectedly closing their store locations for months. And while we had a solid mix of conversion-focused media in play, we quickly realized we needed to increase awareness efforts to compete in the e-commerce environment.

The Objective

Get more people familiar with the brand leading up to one of their most critical sales periods in order to grow the business.

The Solution

Leverage data to execute an awareness campaign that garners results. Acting as a single-point of contact for our client, Ciceron partnered with one of our advanced data providers, Visa, to integrate their Propensity Audience into a new prospecting effort. Using ConnectedTV in key markets across the country, we identified individuals most likely to exhibit our desired transaction behaviors (based on modeled spending behavior indicators). We then reached this same audience through Facebook and Instagram to provide a cohesive targeting strategy.

After seeing the ConnectedTV spot, viewers were also remarketed to with display ads. These efforts were all in place to ensure we made the most out of our awareness efforts—effectively pushing users down the funnel towards conversion.

The Results

By increasing awareness and executing a well-pixeled path to conversion, the brand saw:

  • 40% increase in new customers during the sale
  • Those exposed to the ConnectedTV ad were 15% more likely to browse content related to the brand or their products 1-hour after ad exposure
  • Shoppers who were served the ConnectTV spot after visiting the brand’s site were 500% more likely to add an item to their cart
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