Serving as a vital resource

Long a standard of pediatric healthcare in the Twin Cities, Children’s Minnesota’s reputation certainly proceeds them. While always on the cutting edge of care for its patients, it had become evident that their website was not meeting the needs of its users, especially parents seeking critical information about their child’s health. Over the years the site had attempted to accommodate these needs—but the result was more than 7,000 individual pages of content, all built on top of an outdated digital framework with more than a few technical limitations.

Ciceron knew that a website rebuild was in order, but that beginning with customer insights was the only path to success. After all, Children’s faced the challenge of serving multiple audiences—parents, health professionals, and donors—as a dynamic resource for information. The website would need to meet the needs and expectations of each.

A new kind of customer journey

CiceronCX was the tool for the job, Ciceron’s proprietary customer journey mapping tool that creates custom audience personas from inputs including research, interviews, surveys, and data analysis. Once these distinct personas were brought to life in light of how Children’s website could support and enhance each relationship, the objective became crystal clear: build a website on a new content management platform that could easily convey a large amount of content, with a tagging system to allow for optimized searching based on need.

From there, Ciceron worked side-by-side with the team at Children’s to rebuild the site from the ground up. WordPress was selected as a content management platform that could both easily administer the volume of information while also delivering beautiful yet responsive pages that the team could edit in real-time. Security and scalability were also made priorities.

An Rx for results

The website, which launched January of 2016, has exceeded the expectation of the Children’s team, and has gone on to be recognized for excellence by both the Communicator and MarCom Awards respectively.

Ciceron helped us think about all the downstream implications… they anticipated things I didn’t even know I wanted. You really hope you have the A team on a project such as this, but I feel like I got the A+ team. The way that Ciceron’s team and our internal teams pulled together to work seamlessly was one of the most satisfying aspects of this project. The new website is helping more families access Children’s as the expert in pediatric healthcare that we are.

— Jen Swanson (Formerly) Director of Digital Marketing Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota
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