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Creating A Web Experience with Patients at the Center.

Children’s Minnesota is one of the largest pediatric health systems in the United States and the only health system in Minnesota to provide care exclusively to children, from before birth through young adulthood. In an effort to be every family’s essential partner in raising healthier children, they asked us to reimagine their website experience.


Putting patients first

After performing a full site audit, we realized the current website was built to mirror internal structures. In order to be a valuable resource for patients and families, we needed to create a website that was rich with information and put the patient journey at the center of the user experience, while also supporting business and marketing goals.

Personalized Experience for Many 

Children’s Minnesota treats many different types of patients. To create the most effective digital experience for each family, it was important to understand their needs and expectations at various touch points throughout their journey. 

Research on each core audience, including interviews, surveys, and web data analysis, led to the creation of digital personas and journey maps. This work focused on each audience’s relationship with Children’s—including B2B audiences—and what the website could provide to support and enhance that relationship. How were they entering the website? What questions did they have at every step? Where were resources most needed? 

Once defined, these documents became the guiding principles of our digital strategy as we sought to simplify complex journeys with a clean and elegant design and clear, accessible information. Through content mapping and creation, design and development, this strategy helped inform priorities, identify gaps and educate internal teams on why specific decisions were made.

Award-winning design

Our work led to a number of Marcom Awards: Platinum Winner for Excellence in Website Design · Gold Winner for Mobile Website Design · Gold Winner for Medical Website Design

Optimizing for Even Better Results

The day you launch a new website is just another day in business. Throughout the following years, we continued to test and optimize the site design and layout to create the best experience for visitors. One of our key areas of focus was the homepage, as it was the entry point for more than half of all traffic. Over the years, our testing and optimizations led to:

  • 78% increase in conversion rate
  • 40% decrease in homepage bounce rate
  • 52% decrease in on-site search usage