Growing a Diverse Registry and Saving Lives

The right combination of traditional and digital to spread awareness

During our campaign efforts to support the growth of the Be The Match registry, racial disparity was becoming more apparent. For instance, a white patient needing a lifesaving transplant had a 77% chance of finding a match on the registry. However, other races were vastly underrepresented: Hispanic patients had a 46% chance, while Black patients only had a 23% chance of finding their match.

Along with this major issue, Be The Match also had very low brand awareness within these diverse markets, meaning we were essentially starting from scratch in order to solve this problem.


We needed a compelling message that could create awareness, while also making these underserved markets take notice. It came in the form of a line that added a sense of urgency and could instantly connect with any viewer: This is Our Race Against Time.


This creative campaign focused on U.S. cities that indexed higher for diversity, specifically targeting African Americans, Hispanics and Asian individuals age 18-39. We used :15 and :30 second videos across awareness channels, including social, pre-roll, Spotify and ConnectedTV. We also ran OOH bulletins, billboards, posters and wild postings to get the word out.


Assisted registrations (e.g. those who saw or clicked on this creative and converted at a different time) increased by 68%, proving that our awareness efforts were making an impact. We were also effectively reaching those groups we were targeting, as total Be The Match registrations during this time were 74% diverse.

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