A Unified Approach to Donor Disparity

Be The Match works to save lives by getting donors on the bone marrow registry. But while black communities are disproportionately affected by diseases like sickle cell, they are severely underrepresented on the registry. This becomes a huge issue because the best match for a searching patient is usually someone within their same ethnic background. Meaning more African American patients were never finding a match.



Increase the number of African Americans on the registry. This audience tends to be the hardest target to convert for a number of factors, including lack of brand familiarity. Overall for our paid media efforts, African Americans were only representing 9% of all new registrations. To make a real impact on lives saved, we knew we needed to do better.




Complex segmentations and heartfelt storytelling. After implementing sophisticated segmentation strategies that pinpointed our target audience, we saw African American representation jump to 18% of new registrations. But the real magic happened when we paired our targeting and placement strategies with authentic patient stories that allowed the target to see themselves represented in the brand’s message.


In ad placements taking this unified data, media and creative approach, we saw 23% of new registrations attributed to our African American target. Not only did we successfully increase diverse registrations, we did it at the lowest cost possible.

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