Bringing More Holiday Shoppers to MOA

The power of creative, media and mobile geofencing

The Mall of America (MOA) is hardly an ordinary mall. We’re talking the largest mall in the U.S., boasting more than 2.7 million square feet of retail space, more than 520 stores and 50 restaurants (not to mention an amusement park in the heart of it all). But just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come, especially during the holidays.

With so much competition for shopping during the holidays, both from other retailers and online shopping options, we were tasked with inspiring people to make the Mall of America their shopping experience of choice and keep them there as long as possible.


Our challenge was to create and execute a campaign between November and December that increased shopping traffic by 1% and sales by 2% year over year. We were also tasked with trying to increase the guests’ length of stay once we got them within the mall shopping area.

Our primary target audience was women 25-54 with children who lived within 50-150 miles of the mall. Approximately 80% of our budget was allocated to this local market. The remaining 20% was allocated to the same demographic, but expanded to those who lived 150-500 miles from the mall.


To get the word out, we set our sights on the most digitally-connected crowd. With only a five week window to execute, we drove customers to MOA through social, display, pre-roll, Kargo, ConnectedTV and Spotify.

We also geofenced the mall itself, so we could deliver social and digital ads to customers while they shopped and as they engaged with their mobile devices. A specific Holiday Rewards promotion was the perfect messaging as it created more opportunities for them to buy, and also increased their time spent in the mall.


  • More than 33.8MM impressions, driving more than 158K visitors who were exposed to the ads
  • 75% of these mall visits were from users who were within a mobile environment
  • During the most expensive time of the year for advertisers, our team kept CPMs low
  • Visit rate was 1.17%, well above competitor benchmarks of 0.02%–0.57%
  • MOA’s Facebook page gained nearly 3K fans over the course of the campaign
  • Website traffic increased by 20% year-over-year with an increase of 21% and 9% on organic search and direct
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