Opening the Vault for Prince’s Royal Subjects

A larger-than-life digital campaign with an innovative targeting approach

When Prince passed away, the loss was felt across the globe. The immediate question on every fan’s mind was, “What about the Prince Vault?” This holy grail of fandom supposedly houses hundreds of songs and an undisclosed number of unfinished projects.

In response to this, Rhino Entertainment announced that they were releasing a 15-track compilation of never-before-released Prince demos called “Originals.” And since Ciceron had successfully launched campaigns for Prince’s compilations and re-releases in the past, they came to us to spread the word.


What Rhino wanted was a larger-than-life digital campaign to make sure every fan knew that the door to Prince’s vault was swinging wide open for the very first time. This push mainly focused on his core audience: females 40+.


Using learnings from our involvement in Prince releases like ‘Purple Rain Deluxe,’ ‘Piano & A Microphone 1983’ and ‘Prince 4Ever,’ Ciceron re-engaged fans through the use of traditional and emerging digital media channels. We also utilized top-notch targeting capabilities by leveraging first-party data, fan data, interests and geo-fences. We focused on the primary female audience first and then introduced the male audience in the latter half of the campaign.

The campaign ran in three phases, based on various stages of the album’s release trajectory:

Re-engaging Prince’s dedicated fans through the use of first-party and previous campaign data.

Encouraging album pre-orders, streaming and physical album purchases.

Continuing to drive awareness through various touchpoints.

As usual, data collection was an integral part of our strategy. By leveraging geofencing (which utilized billboards, Target locations, Paisley Park and events like the Timberwolves’ Prince Nights), we gathered fans’ device IDs throughout the year. This allowed us to deliver content directly to them throughout their digital journey, whether it was in the social space, programmatic or Connected TV.


When compared to standard fan and remarketing tactics, we saw elevated performance across all channels:

Facebook and Instagram: Drove a 33% higher video completion rate

Display: Drove 122% higher CTR than site and video marketing tactics

Pre-roll: Drove scale with a lower CPM of ($8.32 vs. $11.71) at a 5% higher video completion rate

Connected TV: Drove more cost-efficient scale with a lower CPM of ($24 vs. $32) providing more “big screen” eyeballs

Spotify: Drove more cost-efficient scale with a lower CPM of ($24 vs. $32) providing more “big screen” eyeballs

First Week Chart Results

#1 – Current R&B Albums
#1 – Overall R&B Albums
#2 – Billboard Top Albums
#2 – Current Album Chart
#2 – Current Physical Albums
#2 – Overall Physical Albums
#7 – Current Digital Albums
#7 – Overall Digital Albums
#15 – Billboard Top 200

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