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Rebranding a Catalog Company for the Digital World.

For more than 35 years, Harris Communications had worked to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. Deaf founder Dr. Robert Harris started the company in 1982 and had primarily reached consumers through paper catalogs. They came to Ciceron wanting a complete modernization of their brand experience, including a new name, brand design, website and content strategy. 

A unique challenge for the brand was that they served very different audiences, ranging from those with mild hearing loss to members of the deaf community. Within the hearing spectrum there are distinctly different needs, both cultural and languageASL is the first language for many in the deaf community. Harris Communications needed to speak to everyone without alienating certain audiences.


Many audiences, one strategy

After extensive consumer focus groups, we found that a shared value amongst all of our audiences was the recognition of their specific hearing needs and communication style. This insight was the launching point for our work. We honed in on the concept of “communication” and the brand’s ability to meet your needs, no matter how you hear.

Meet Diglo

The first step was introducing a new brand name: Diglo. It comes from the Greek word ‘diglot’ which means bilingual, and celebrates the brand’s understanding of  language, whether you speak, write or sign. Our new positioning strategy pivoted the brand away from being an expert, and instead focused on providing consumers with swift, friendly service in the communication mode they prefer. 

Our team then developed a simple, modern brand design focused on connection and inclusivity. As part of the new brand identity, we concepted and shot all-new photography and video assets to be used on the website and other marketing materials.

To introduce the new brand to the world, we concepted and developed a video featuring CEO Ray Harris. As a CODA (child of deaf adults), Ray is fluent in ASL. We leveraged his ability to authentically communicate with our audiences and share the new brand message. 

Additional materials developed included packaging, web design, trade show signage, email templates and automated content, business cards, office swag and catalog design and production.

“Ciceron truly listened to what we and our customers were saying, but they also weren’t afraid to help us test our assumptions and challenge our thinking. Plus, they’re all a joy to work with. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.” — Ray Harris, President of Diglo