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Ciceron wins 2018 AdFed Awards for Cross-Channel Campaign for Dua Lipa Debut Album Release


Ciceron’s cross-channel campaign for Dua Lipa’s debut album was recognized by AdFed in 2018 for innovative use of Data Driven Media (Silver) and GPS & Location Technology (Bronze).

To promote this emerging artist’s self-titled album, Ciceron invented a revolutionary way to engage a highly mobile audience.


Dua Lipa had a large UK fan base, but a small footprint in the US. The objective of this campaign was to promote Dua Lipa’s debut album and new single for Warner Bros. Records and to develop a fan base within the US.


Ciceron designed and executed a never-before-seen cross-channel campaign. The first touchpoints were digital billboards, which enabled us to capture and store device IDs. In turn, we targeted this newly found audience with a remarketing campaign composed of display, pre-roll and Spotify video ads.


Ciceron saw one of the lowest cost-per-click campaigns for Facebook. In addition, her YouTube views for her new single hit 1 million views within the first 13 hours and 14 million streams on Spotify within the first week.

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