Inspiring Sustainable Consumers to Take Action -
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Inspiring Sustainable Consumers to Take Action.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) partners with hundreds of major brands who manufacture goods using sustainably managed wood. They needed to reach consumers who would be open to choosing environmentally-conscious brandsshowing shoppers how easy it is to find FSC-approved products.

Identifying the sustainable consumer

Using third-party partner data, our team created FSC audience segments for sustainably-minded consumers. We gained valuable insights into demographics, purchase drivers, product considerations and media habits. We then reached these segments with a custom creative and media campaign.

Driving traffic to the site

Due to budget and COVID constraints , we knew we wouldn’t be able to shoot new footage. So our creative team got smart with what we had. We leveraged existing brand footage to create a completely re-imagined One Simple Action campaign. A series of social videos, animated display and native ads introduced consumers to the FSC mission and showed them how easy it was to make a difference. Once consumers engaged with the ad, they were taken to the FSC site where they could search for brands who aligned with their values.



  • Website traffic increased by 10x 
  • 24% of consumers who watched our videos clicked to visit the website
  • Received 3.4 million impressions with 2.6% CTR (over 2x what we see on other traffic driving campaigns)