Unleashing Gorillaz-Sized Stories onto Fans

Ciceron Turns an Animated Rock Star’s Jail Time into Gargantuan Success

How do you promote a video that features a performer who’s been incarcerated? And what if that performer’s a cartoon character? More importantly, how do you convert those two facts into an ever-widening story, while promoting an upcoming album?

As it turns out, these were actual questions that Warner Bros. Records had concerning Murdoc from the band Gorillaz. Ciceron was ready to help by connecting every fan out there with the newest material from the Guinness Book of World Records’ “Most Successful Virtual Band.”

By weaving Murdoc’s mischievous misadventures into a digital crazy quilt, Ciceron was able to unfurl his post-penitentiary narrative wherever a fan’s eyes happened to be along the social spectrum, synching up character-driven videos that illuminated the sights and sounds of the band’s newest album, “The Now Now.”


Connect with the Gorillaz’s dedicated fan base to build album consumption by triangulating all of the complicated digital elements of Murdoc’s story through the use of video by leveraging first party data collected on the fans across multiple platforms and technology providers.


We collected audience data from Gorillaz (as well as Blur) fans via a variety of video entry points, from social networks to web site visits. We then constructed a unique and original process by which were able to pixel and remarket back to more highly engaged fans across a variety of digital channels including Connected TV and emerging vertical video offerings. These fans converted at a much higher rate on music consumption channels, like Spotify and YouTube, than any other audience segment.


Using all the data we’d accumulated, videos of Murdoc skating along a California coastline while singing an upcoming Gorillaz single were rolled into Facebook feeds and Instagram Stories, vertical video players, Spotify pre-roll and programmatic ads through Connected TV.

Data below reflects results from the first week after album release when Billboard releases its weekly rankings. In the music industry, week one is the most important “mover” data.

Increased Social CTR Compared to "Humanz"
Debut at #4 On the Billboard 200
Over Benchmark For CTR
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