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Increasing Engagement Through Dynamic Content Automation.

MOBE offers free health coaching and lifestyle support to participants who qualify through their health insurance. MOBE had been running an always-on marketing campaign targeting newly eligible participants with email, direct mail and phone calls. They needed our help to evolve and expand the current efforts in order to see better participant engagement.

A personalized content plan

People’s health journeys are personal, which meant our campaign needed to be so, too. By digging into brand research, journey findings and participant testimonials, we began to build a plan that would react to and with customers based on their health needs and how they were responding to the campaign.

A 16-week dynamic campaign

Our team built a 16-week automated campaign that worked within the client’s current software and allowed for segmentation based on people’s needs and actions.

We then layered on a comprehensive, insights-driven content approach. From the brand research, we identified questions that needed to be answered before people were willing to commit. The first eight weeks of our campaign focused on answering these questions and using dynamic content modules to speak to audience-specific health issues. 

Based on their engagement, we then split the audiences into two separate content streams. People who had shown moderate to active interest were served topics that research confirmed were motivators. Each communication dove into a specific focus area and connected it back to the viewer with dynamic content.

For people who had shown minimal interest, the remainder of the campaign focused on areas that had garnered negative reactions during brand studies. Each communication touchpoint addressed a specific concern or skepticism, and delivered content that removed barriers to engagement. 

In addition to the automated campaign and content plan, our team provided detailed copywriting guidance, key messaging, call-to-action and link recommendations, content direction for the MOBE blog and optimization opportunities for current brand content.

Bringing UX design to the MOBE blog

With the majority of our campaign tactics driving to the MOBE blog, it was crucial that the site be seamless and informative. Our dev and creative teams re-imagined and implemented a new blog experience with thoughtful content hierarchies, intuitive search capabilities, dynamic recommendations and more.



In the end we created an extremely sophisticated and connected, always-on campaign that helped MOBE exceed their yearly engagement goal and required minimal resources on an ongoing basis.