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Optimizing Brand Campaign Assets to Drive Conversions.

North Memorial Health was running a brand awareness campaign and wanted to shift to driving conversions. They asked Ciceron to help pivot the campaign using the existing video footage.

A strategic creative audit

Our team began by completing an audit of all available video content (including b-roll shots). We looked for key moments that aligned to services North Memorial Health needed to promote, and also allowed for compelling and motivating storytelling.

Focusing the storytelling

Our team provided strategic creative recommendations for engagement-focused ads centered around NICU services, emergency care, women’s health and finding a doctor. We provided storyboards, messaging, CTA’s and landing page recommendations.

Our media team then ran targeted campaigns across a variety of platforms, including TikTok, Preroll, Facebook and Snapchat—connecting our ads to the audiences who would be most likely to act.

Driving appointments with CTV

After seeing positive results from the new campaign direction, North Memorial Health asked us to create a Comcast TV Spot to increase appointments across the hospital system. Our team concepted and executed a :15 second spot that stayed true to the campaign tone, while focusing our message on the convenience benefits that patients care about most.


  • 306% increase in website traffic from digital ads
  • 116% increase in click through rates